Sunday, February 2, 2014

Couture Mini Album

Happy Super Sunday!! I have finally completed the "Couture" and "Typography" albums that I have been working on the last several weeks. I am going to post the Couture Mini today and then the Typography Mini I will post in the next couple of days.   I made them just alike for the most part but there are a few differences.
One quick note:
 I will be guest designing for "My Fairy Treasures" this month. Angie has some awesome metal pieces that will just WOW you and her prices are GREAT!! Be sure to swing over and check out her Esty store and at the end of the month come back here to see the completed project showcasing some of those GORGEOUS pieces.
 NOW for the "Couture" Mini Album:
 Above is the front cover. I used a twine binding.
 This album is quite interactive.
 Lots of booklets and pockets.
 Seam binding is everywhere!
 Maya Road envelope that holds some tiny tags.
 Just a pretty page.
Back cover.


  1. great-great-great! this album is soooo beautiful. i love it.
    many greetings


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